Current Projects


The overall goal of this project was use a Zbrush workflow as much as possible in the creation of the character and utilize as many new features in Zbrush 4 as I could. The color maps, sculpted surface details and UV layouts for all components were done in Zbrush. The meshes for the head, body, vest, pants, boots, pouches were also created entirely in Zbrush (including retoplogizing for a more animation friendly mesh).

Maya is used for lighting and rendering, and for the creation of a few of the meshes (buckles, ammo and the straps).

Pool Shark

What happens when you put a 16 foot Great White Shark in a 16x32 swimming pool?  we'll see.

Modeled in Zbrush 4r6, textured and rendered in Lightwave 11.6, compositing done in After Effects.

Admiral Adama

This is a bust I've done of James Edward Olmos as Admiral Adama for my portfolio and to learn Lightwave (this was my first project using that package).

I had an older used Zbrush for the creation and modeling of the base mesh, and then rendered in Lightwave 11.6 using fiberFX for the hair.  Post processing was done in After Effects.

Rift Concept Creature

I did this project for fun, it was based off concept work for the game rift (rift concept).

I sculpted the assets in Zbrush and used Maya to render, and finished the image in After Effects.

Monica Bellucci bust

In Maya I created the base mesh, shaders, hair and rendering for Monica.  I used Zbrush to sculpt the piece.

2012 Production Reel

Here is a compilation of work I had done over the last year and half, most of it being as a Motion, 3D and Interactive Graphic Designer at TBA Digital.

Kent Sunde Production Reel 2012 from kent sunde on Vimeo.

Shot List Breakdown

In all shots I was responsible for animation, rendering, lighting and modelling, in addition this is also what I had done
  1. Cancer Cell - Personal project done entirely by myself.
  2. Macrophage - Compositing, art direction, editing. particle effects.
  3. Fat Cells - Compositing, art direction, editing. particle effects
  4. GE Life Sciences Wave - Compositing of the 3D elements and text placement.  The animated text and lens effects were done by Barry Chapman.  Wave models provided by GE.
  5. Baxter Floseal - Compositing of the 3D elements, again Barry Chapman had done the text and lens flare effects.  Syringe model provided by Baxter.
  6. Philips Sonicare - Motion tracking and integrating the 3D elements into the video.
  7. Cell Wall explosion - compositing, art direction, editing, particle effects.
  8. Baxter Floseal - Compositing of the 3D elements, Syringe provided by Baxter
  9. GE Life Sciences Wave - 3D fluid simulation, Compositing of the 3D elements and text placement.  Wave models provided by GE.
  10. Fat under the chin - Compositing, editing, art direction.
  11. Ge Life Sciences Logo - compositing of the water enviroment, background particle effects.
  12. Baxter Floseal - Compositing of the 3D elements.  Syringe provided by Baxter, watch was an existing asset.
  13. Celebrity portraits -  Personal project done entirely by myself.

BD Globe

I modeled and textured this globe for BD while at TBA Digital for a product spotlight on the syringes BD produces.

I used Zbrush to sculpt and create the texture map for the terrain.  I also used 3Ds Max to model/position and animate the 3D elements.

For texturing I used a lot of stock photography with the exception of the sand which was created using a modified skin texture.  The ocean texture was taken off a stock image that the globe concept was based on.  Most of the cars and buildings were existing 3d assets purchased from various sources (eg. Turbosquird).

The web page this was created for can be seen here (the video can be skipped).

Player Heads

Over the 6 1/2 years that I was in the character art department I had worked on many many player heads, that ranged from 5 day star heads to 1/2 day generic heads. The type of head work also varied; like modeling and texturing the heads and hair from scratch, improving the heads to obtain a better player likeness, updating hair styles/facial hair, or finishing outsourced assets to resolve any outstanding issues on the head.

I am focusing on the work I have done on NBA Live because I had worked on this title for my last 2 years at EA (2009 and 2010 versions), and is an example of my most recent work.

The NBA Live Cheerleaders heads I had modeled and textured the complete heads using reference from real NBA cheerleaders that had come up to the studio from Seattle. The hair styles I created from a variety of other sources (please forgive the alpha sorting issues in the hair, this does not occur in game :)).

For this player head Maurice Williams, I had to remodel the entire head for likeness and clean up the texture.

Jr. Smith required some major modeling reworks and some texture cleaning.

Lebron James required, some likeness tuning, texture updates and clean up.