Progect Spotlight Simulation

FIFA Hair simulation

For FIFA 15, and FIFA 16 I worked on hair simulation using EACloth a proprietary tool created at Electronic Arts.

While working on hair simulation I created some workflow tools that optimized the process of hair simulation authoring.  A description of the workflow improvments I implemented can be found here.


On FIFA 16 I was a character art co-lead, when it came to hair simulation, I was in charge of training new artists, reviewing artists work, and authoring the harder to do hair simulations, and as stated above I optimized the workflow in creating hair simulations via tool creation in Maya.

GE fluid simulation

I worked on the GE Wave Bioreactor project during 2011, I used 3DS Max and Glu3D to create the fluids rocking back and forth, the initial introduction is also done inside the fluid simulation seen in the above shot, as the viewer can see waves above and bellow the camera.