Player Heads

Over the 10 years that I had worked in character art department I had worked on many many player heads, that ranged from 5 day star heads to 1/2 day generic heads. The type of head work also varied; like modeling and texturing the heads and hair from scratch, improving the heads to obtain a better player likeness, updating hair styles/facial hair, or finishing outsourced assets to resolve any outstanding issues on the head.

The NBA Live Cheerleaders heads I had modeled and textured the complete heads using reference from real NBA cheerleaders that had come up to the studio from Seattle.  The poly count budget was about a quarter of what it was for the regular players, so they were quite low poly.  The hair styles I created from a variety of other sources (please forgive the alpha sorting issues in the hair, this does not occur in game :)).

For this player head Maurice Williams, I had to remodel the entire head for likeness and clean up the texture.

Jr. Smith required some major modeling reworks and some texture cleaning.

Lebron James required, some likeness tuning, texture updates and clean up.