Virtual Reality Experience - Star Wars Rancor Pit

I'm really jazzed about VR, I think it adds a sense of scale and presence to video games that just wasn't achievable before.  Current games are starting to bring a good sense of scale to VR environments, but the characters right now tend to be human sized.  I created this VR experience from Star Wars Return of Jedi, to play with the presence of something massive coming into the users space.  (animated sequences will hopefully be added by the end of July)

A current destination on the SteamVR home application, and can be freely downloaded from steam workshop at steamVR is required to view the experience.

I used Zbrush, substance designer, substance painter, Maya and Arnold (to bake the lighting).  SteamVR uses the source 2 game engine.

All content was created by me (design of creature and environment taken from Return of the Jedi, by Lucas Film), animation for the rancor will be provided by one of my colleagues at Capilano University hopefully by the end of the summer.

The asset on Sketchfab, has all the specular/normal maps and lighting baked in, primarily for performance (for the webVR ui).