Current Projects


The overall goal of this project was use a Zbrush workflow as much as possible in the creation of the character and utilize as many new features in Zbrush 4 as I could. The color maps, sculpted surface details and UV layouts for all components were done in Zbrush. The meshes for the head, body, vest, pants, boots, pouches were also created entirely in Zbrush (including retoplogizing for a more animation friendly mesh).

Maya is used for lighting and rendering, and for the creation of a few of the meshes (buckles, ammo and the straps).

Pool Shark

What happens when you put a 16 foot Great White Shark in a 16x32 swimming pool?  we'll see.

Modeled in Zbrush 4r6, textured and rendered in Lightwave 11.6, compositing done in After Effects.